The Feet People specialize in hard to fit feet,  foot comfort and  pain relief.  We offer free foot analysis and have knowledgeable staff to help find the right footwear to meet your needs. If you are looking for help with accommodating a foot deformity or have a leg length discrepancy we have you covered. The feet people offer shoe repair and modification services done on site. Also we have a complete fabrication area for custom orthotics.

Repair and Modification Servies

The Feet People do numerous types of modifications including  shoe lifts and strap extensions, We also offer repair services to extend the life or your current footwear.

Fitting Services

We have knowledgable staff that are certified and able to help get you that best products for your individual needs. 


The Feet People has a complete fabrication area with two cnc mills. We are able to cast your feet and make custom inserts to your needs. 

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